Studio Night

Whoa dude!

whoa dude

Wow. It’s October already, and it feels like we stepped into a time machine and blazed form the beginning of the year to right now. Where did all that time go? It’s been an eventful year for all of us in DD69. We’ve had wonderful things happen along with some things that have been tough. However, as always we are grateful for the music in our lives and are finding our way back to some music making. We’re considering an online EP of ska-flavored tunes, including several unreleased tracks as well as a few remixes. It’s possible that (barring my participation in more endurance events this year) we could have that dialed in before the end of the year. It might even help to jump-start work on our 5th album. So, please stay tuned as we get rolling again. Thanks to everyone who has discovered our music and connected with us in one way or another. There’s more to come…