On the Air

Since we instituted studio night, we’ve been pretty productive musically.  While it took us a number of years (okay, eight f#cking years) to finish our first record, it’s taken us about a year to get the bulk of another one done.  Meanwhile we’ve found that, with the old stuff out[…]

Once again, with Liverani

Looking through some posts from earlier in the year, I found this one and decided that it would be a good idea to try this again.  My result = title, quote, and image.  Tada!  I may never actually work on designing CD packaging from scratch again. (I had to reload[…]

The B-69

Ah yes, we’re continuing the trend of lengthy pauses between entries here at DD69HQ.  That will happen when: It’s summertime Dudes go on vacation Skinny Moo plays a bunch of gigs Work keeps the dudes busy But, vacations are now over, summer is starting what we hope will be a[…]