New Music

In a previous post,  we talked about sharing some new, unfinished and unpolished music that we’re working on.  Here’s one that’s in progress. It’s called “Lose You Baby”. We haven’t quite fleshed out all the parts yet, and if you listen closely, you can probably hear the washer and dryer[…]

Sky Pieces

Mike was down at the Memphis in May music festival, and he returned bearing gifts – hats and glasses! Well, just hats, really.  They all smell like incense.  They could certainly smell worse.  They proved inspiring enough for us to come up with a handful of new riffs during the[…]

Presents for Studio Night

Rumor has it that Mike’s bringing presents back from last week’s trip to the Memphis In May music fest.  What could the ‘dudes be getting?  Harmonicas? Small replicas of Sun Studios? Autographed pics of Korn? We’re all clenched up with excitement!