Wanting Everything

This song has been languishing since some time in April. As usual, the mix/instrumentation isn’t quite done, but the song is finished. Here’s to hauling another one out of the dd69 underground storage before it gets too moldy. Wanting Everything [audio:WantedEverything.mp3] This music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No[…]

Welcome To Another Day

This funky re-working of an old Foonspeeders song has been under wraps way too long.  The mix is (as usual) not finished to our liking, but when we finish tweaking it out in five years, it might not wind up sounding too much different.  I’ll definitely re-record the guitar solo[…]

Locker 69

Here’s a classic, discovered during a recent Skinny Moo gig at a groovy roller rink in Brunswick, Ohio. I should have looked inside.