The gig-chicken or the rehearsal-egg?

Amazingly the ‘dude has done a couple rehearsals – for real rehearsals with all of us together playing all of our instruments and singing and stuff.  Shocking. Things are sounding good, and we’re having lots of fun playing, which is the important part.  To me it proves something I’ve believed[…]

Give us a KISS, but keep your shirt on

On the heels of a comment from a previous entry I was reminded of my tenure in the KISS Army. At age 10. It was a heady time.  Songs like “Hotter Than Hell” and “Strutter” were redefining my ideas of lots of things.  Girls.  Music.  Rocking out.  Did I mention[…]


As we finish mixes and head toward making our second CD, we’re starting to brainstorm ideas for titles and art.  Remember, in brainstorming all ideas are accepted without initial criticism. Which brings us this. (Alternate titles: “Get In Line for Meat”, “Love at First Meat”) Thanks, Mike.


We dudes are thankful that we continue to do what we love and love what we do.  There is nothing more satisfying than writing, recording and playing music while having fun with your best friends.  We’re thankful that other folks enjoy our music as well. We’re extra-specially thankful that our[…]

The long and grinding road

A while ago (in ‘dude time that would be after Foonspeeders but before the other bands that came later) Mike and I recorded and played with a great songwriter and brother-from-another-mother named Thomas Reed Smith (find the first TRS record “I Need A Change” in the iTunes store). The remnants[…]

Analysis paralysis

Wow, I wasn’t kidding about the extras in Apple’s Logic being impressive in their scope.  I’m pretty sure I could spend a month just playing with amp models alone. Sometimes when I encounter this sort of thing (which is similar to wanting to record something and running into a technical[…]

Logic makes me feel illogical

We’re talking about upgrading our recording setup here. Right now we run an old Pro Tools rig that’s treated us pretty well. I built a custom PC back in about 2003 and got a Digi 001. I did all the Windows tweaking and eventually got a pretty stable system. In[…]

Still cool after all these years

You are looking at a Shrinky Dink.  (You must now recite, in your best TV announcer voice: “Welcome to the MAGICAL world of SHRINKY-DINKS!!!”) We discovered a pack of these things in the deeper recesses of our stored stuff, and thought it would be cool to play around with them[…]


The signs are everywhere. Even in Unreal Tournament. Thanks Charley.