Pulling parts in the musical junkyard

I was at the junkyard the other day pulling parts for @hellpellet’s car. I had squeezed inside a junked Ford Escape that was at the bottom of a pile of three stacked cars, which in turn was surrounded on three sides by other stacks of vehicles. As I was working[…]

Ambigram Number 1

Ambigrams are pretty cool .  They’re text designs that read something in a couple different orientations – for example if you rotate an ambigram 180 degrees, it might say the same thing.  It could also say something different.  There are a ton of tattoos and other ambigram designs out on[…]

Hey, what’s in the boxes?

Some boxes came today.  Yay!  What is in them there boxes? Hmph.  More boxes. Oh wait! It’s a keyboard stand for Snoozeking Studio!  Finally a stand that can just remain set up whether there are gigs going on or not. Huh huh.  Huh huh.  Gear is cool.  Huh huh.

Ghosts of music stores past

All the excitement about resurrecting my ancient Casio got me to thinking about all of the music stores I used to go to when I was growing up.  At the time most of the music stores that I knew of were locally owned, not big franchises like Guitar Center or[…]

The hockey puck worth $120

I’ve had an AKG C-414 microphone for about 10 years.  It’s been a good “workhorse” microphone for everything from drum overhead to acoustic guitar to room mic and beyond.  It seems to work pretty well for my voice, too. The adapter that allows it to be attached to a mic[…]

Rehearsal night

We spent the bulk of last night’s studio night rehearsing together.  We really need to knock the rust off. Mike’s trying to remember all the parts he used to play.  Kenny is still learning bits and pieces of songs.  I’m trying to remember how to do the guitar foot pedal[…]

You wish you had this keyboard

Tomorrow morning I’ll be visiting the Q104 Morning Show.  I am bringing my most portable keyboard. It runs on five “D” batteries.  It’s got built in rhythm accompaniment, vibrato and sustain effects, and reverb. I’ve had it since I was about twelve.  I bought it at Service Merchandise, a catalog[…]

Witness the Stilly Dan email extravaganza

Witness the spectacle of today’s inter-band email exchange: From: KBilly Subject: Zowie To: “Mike”, “Scotty”, “Charley” Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 1:08 PM http://www.ejthomashall.com/eventsearch/?title=Steely From: Mike Subject: Re: Zowie To: “KBilly” Cc: “Scotty”, “Charley” Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 1:51 PM I like Steely Dan, but I’d only pay $61+[…]

Not Just For Rocking Anymore

You there!  Yes, you with the guitar amp! Still using that amplifier just to make loud, grating noises with your ee-lec-tric gee-tar? Well let me tell you, you’re missing out on one of the best uses for that wooden box. It makes a great carrying case, too!  Suitable for pedals[…]