The Pounding On Your Door

I spent a decent part of the day working on getting an updated mix of “Another Day” put together.  The last time we really worked with it, we were using a very old version of Pro Tools.  The song is one of our favorites (this is the second version of[…]

Dynamic drunkdude Drum Dudes

We’ve got a selection of songs that we cut with the venerable Charley Newcomer on drums that are coming up.  We’ve also been fortunate to have our old friend Coach Hanna perform drums on a few tracks.  We’re looking forward to getting some tracks completed with Jim Evans as well.[…]

Updating the Leslie 122RV

I was planning to record some Hammond tracks using my modified B-2 organ (which we like to call the B-69, shocker!).  The tracks I did with my gigging Hammond (XK-2) sound decent overall, but I really want to capture the awesomeness of a real live Hammond through a big old[…]


Studio night was good tonight.  We hadn’t convened for a few weeks because Mike and KB had colds, so it was good to catch up and refresh ourselves on current dd69 material. Most of last night was spent putting together a setlist and running through it. Yes, you read that[…]

My First Instrument?

This recently unearthed shot shows that I may have started off destroying drum kits before I moved on to keys, guitars, and other various and sundry instruments.  Who knew?

ABBA + Elevator = My Turn To Be “That Guy”

Recently, Hellpellet and I were in Canada for a couple days to get away from it all.  We had some free tickets to a show at the casino.  The show is called “Dancing Queen – A Tribute To Abba“. I’m not a raging ABBA fan, but I think that they[…]

I Wish I Was Trashing A Hotel Suite

It goes without saying that music equipment (just like every other electronic or mechanical device) needs maintenance.  My Hammond XK-2 organ is a staple at Skinny Moo gigs, and recently it needed some attention to see if there were any broken connections on the circuit board inside. I opened it[…]

Another Studio Season

Ahh, November: crisp fall air, piles of multicolored leaves, and the end of Daylight Saving Time. That can only mean one thing. It’s studio season again. As much as it’s depressing when the sun has set by 5:30 in the afternoon, the earlier evenings make it a whole lot easier[…]