I’ve finally resuscitated the Snoozeking Music website.  Snoozeking Music is my music publishing/indie label affiliation, and it covers not only drunkdude69, but other projects like Thomas Reed Smith and my own solo material (if I ever get around to releasing any).  It’s been out of commission for a long time,[…]

My Funky Valentine

In December 1999 I met @hellpellet, the flaming pill that would change my life. A little more than a year later, in early 2001, my grandmother passed away, devastating me.  A month after that I (along with about 101 other people) was laid off from my job. I moved in[…]


@hellpellet and I headed south on Friday, right into “snowmageddon”.  I love how the Weather Channel creates ‘branding’ for big storms like: “Megastorm!”*, “Winter Powerhouse!!”, “Ransack-the-Grocery-for-TP Storm!!!”*. We didn’t see much weather until we got onto some of the back roads leading to our secret destination.  It got a little[…]

Off the map

I’m headed out to the annual FOG meeting.  No phone, no net, no music gear – not a single luxury. I’m sure it will prove inspirational.

Sitting in

Generally I’m not big on sitting in with a band, or going to jam nights.  Even though I guess I can hold my own when it comes to playing, I’ve never felt like I’m good enough to just randomly jump in. However, there are exceptions.  Last weekend I had a[…]

Time flies: a look back (part 2)

The other remaining blog entry from the old DD69 blog, recently unearthed.  This one is from 3/8/2006.  Entertainingly, the album I referred to (Funk Out With Your Junk Out) wouldn’t be completed for another two years. I’m simple; everything else is complicated Agh. Mixing work, music and drinking all in[…]

Time flies: a look back (part 1)

I got an email from Blogger today that indicated that I had some accounts that are set up to publish via FTP, and that Blogger is no longer going to support that.  I had forgotten completely about even having those accounts, so I logged in to check them out. Turns[…]

Whole hog ‘er none

A few years ago I was inducted into a super-secret society comprised of folks that just won’t let winter bring them down, which is a philosophy I can get behind.  The centerpiece of their revelry is an extensive celebration of Groundhog Day, complete with feasting, drinking and barefoot running in[…]