More cool tunes

A friend on Twitter (thanks @clevelandsaplum) dropped a link to this vid and turned me on to some brand new music: Lyrics Born. Lots to like here – funky groove, cool sounds, nice hook.  And the video is fun.

I thought six strings were a pain

Sometimes stringing, tuning, or fixing the intonation on my guitar can feel like a pain in the ass, especially when I’m just in the mood to pick it up and make some music.  However, it’s something that has to be done to keep the instrument in playing condition, and of[…]

An appropriate award

The Cleveland Marathon was well done.  The route took us through all the “hot spots” in and around downtown: Browns Stadium, the Q, Progressive Field, Tremont, Ohio City, the near west side, and across the shoreway back into downtown. I’m glad to have participated as a part of Team In[…]

A brief , non-musical diversion: the Cleveland Marathon

I’m looking forward to having a cocktail.  Tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be joining a whole boatload of other people to participate in the Cleveland Marathon tomorrow.  I’m walking the half-marathon to raise money for Team In Training.  This will be the fifth TNT event I’ve done to raise money to fight[…]

Slacker media

Tomorrow night @hellpellet and I are heading out for “Slacker Media Club”.  It’s a group of folks that have become acquainted via Twitter, and the name is a play on the usual “social media club” moniker.  In our past get-togethers we’ve realized that we’re not exactly coming together to do[…]

Hammond tracking redux

I wrote a couple entries about my last experience recording my Hammond organ.  It was a little complicated due to some missing equipment and the fact that I was experimenting with the setup. A few days ago I decided to record some more tracks.  This time I changed things up[…]

Tracking the Hammond (part 2)

We left off with me setting up a recording session for my Hammond organ.  I had my Pro Tools control in place (a Frontier Tranzport), and a monitoring solution in place.  The next step was to mic the Leslie cabinet. Had there been one other person there, it would have[…]