A blast from the past: Mike Farley Band

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since the Mike Farley Band released their album Halfaworldaway. Around that time I was playing keys in the Tony Lang Band, playing guitar and producing music with Tom Smith, and writing and performing with the nascent version of drunkdude69.  The TLB split a[…]

DD69 special guest: Jay Goodman

Skinny Moo front man Jay Goodman came out tonight to provide some guest vocals for one of our upcoming songs. As always it’s a pleasure to include his performance on some DD69 music. He provided guest vocals on Funk Out With Your Junk Out, adding an entertaining spoken word part[…]

ALT 69

Clever graffito made a nice addition to this signage near our HQ.  Well done, my artistic friend, well done.

Happy Birthday

Today would have been my grandfather’s 90th birthday.  Every July 10th I tip back a few manhattans in his honor. When I was in my early teens I desperately wanted a pro synthesizer.  I had my Casio, of course, but I wanted to get into the realm of real gear.[…]

DD69 and An’Angelia featured on Ovation TV

We mentioned earlier that our friend Angie created a video of her creating one of her cool pieces of art, and she used one of our upcoming songs for the soundtrack. She dropped us a line to let us know that the video is currently being featured on Ovation TV. […]


We had a great mastering session at Ante Up.  It was a kind of “first date” with Chris Keffer, who was the mastering engineer. Mike, K-Billy and I really enjoyed the session.  We were only working on a couple songs, so it didn’t last very long, but Chris was generous[…]

Studio night this week: mastering

We’re scheduled for a short mastering session at Ante Up studios in downtown Cleveland.  Their facility is top notch (we cut drum tracks there this past December), and we’re excited to return there. Mastering has always been a nebulous subject: what exactly are they doing with the songs? What happens[…]

I am our biggest fan

drunkdude69 has a last.fm page at which you can listen to our tunes and see info about the band. I also have a last.fm user page where my personal taste in tunes is displayed via their “scrobbling” machinery. In updating some of our other online pages, I happened to notice[…]

AC=DC (air conditioning = deliciously cool)

Wow, it’s hot in Cleveland. It’s not a ‘dry heat’ either – you can feel the air sluggishly fighting with you when you are breathing. I am grateful for the sunny day, even with the heat, but it also makes me glad that we’ve got climate control in the house. […]