Our holiday present has arrived

Just in time for Christmas, the new drunkdude69 CDs have arrived. We did a short-run with Discmakers, and the CDs turned out really well.  The printing is crisp and vibrant, the art looks great on the actual disc, and it sounds just like the master. The CD should be available[…]

We want Wigs & Liquor

While we’re eagerly awaiting a little DD69 holiday package full of our new CDs, we thought we’d share the final art. It was inspired by the work of Coop, who does some really cool stuff.

Afternoon R&R video

While we were down at WKNR here in Cleveland a few weeks ago to premiere the new theme song for the ESPN Cleveland show “Afternoon R&R“, Jay Goodman and I shot a bunch of video. Since I’ve been in the throes of finishing the art for the upcoming DD69 album[…]

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Too bad we blew all our money getting the new drunkdude69 record manufactured. Thanks to Tom for the pic!