Funking Funkbox

I’ve been watching eBay for years, looking for a Gibson Maestro MRK-2 drum machine that’s in good shape and is affordable. I totally got to digging it while listening to Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Central Station. In some of their recordings you can hear the MRK-2 cranking through an[…]

So Koool

I asked old Santy Claus for a little bit of music gear this past Christmas. Shocker, right? But this year it wasn’t a request for some gazillion dollar guitar or synth or the like. I asked for a Korg Kaossilator. It goes for a little over a hundred bucks, fits[…]

The V-drum experiment (part 2)

In part 1 I explained the circumstances behind the way we wound up deciding to use a Roland V-drum kit for some drum sessions for the first time.  So, with the electronic kit set up and somewhat (I thought) dialed in, Jim Evans arrived for the session and we got[…]

Epiphone versus Gibson

Recently I was talking with a friend about guitars, which isn’t unusual. I’ve got a few electric guitars, all with tremolos, and I was talking about how much I want a fixed bridge guitar because the floating bridges seem to make keeping in tune some kind of Sisyphean task. As[…]