Studio Night

AC=DC (air conditioning = deliciously cool)

Wow, it’s hot in Cleveland. It’s not a ‘dry heat’ either – you can feel the air sluggishly fighting with you when you are breathing.

I am grateful for the sunny day, even with the heat, but it also makes me glad that we’ve got climate control in the house.  This kind of weather wreaks havoc with guitars and other stringed instruments.  The heat and humidity can cause problems with other electronic devices as well.

It’s an expense to run AC, but a necessary one.  Any studio is going to need some amount of climate control to protect all the studio equipment and instruments. The investment in all that gear really outweighs the cost to keep things cool and dry for a few weeks in the peak of summer.

Just as a side note (and anyone in the CLE will tell you the same thing): I will take days like this all year long, as opposed to the heinous winter blizzardy days we get later in the year.