Studio Night

Mixy Mixy

Studio night last night was productive. In fact, the last couple times we’ve gotten together have been great as far as mixing is concerned. Three weeks ago we convened and started mixing a song for the new record. The song, “Keep It Up”, is a drastically retooled version of a[…]

Cool Music That’s Not Ours (part 2)

There’s this scene in Total Recall where Ahnuld is disguised in a dress and a high-tech mask that makes him look and sound like a woman, ostensibly so he can get through Mars customs undetected. Everything’s going swimmingly until the customs agent asks how long s/he’s planning to stay on[…]


We knew all along that idea juice has positive benefits: Eight Healthy Reasons To Drink Beer [forbes.com]

The Musical Wave: To Ride or Not To Ride

For last night’s “studio night” we convened at Chachi’s to have a full band rehearsal, which is a fun change of pace. On an average studio night, KB, Mike and I have been running through song arrangements for a live set with the help of pre-recorded drum tracks. This lets[…]

Cool Music That’s Not Ours

Last night Mike, HP and I went over to the Beachland Ballroom to see the Mike Doughty Band in concert. We haven’t been out to see many shows lately (except for our recent trip to the Happy Dog to see Chittlin’ and One Way Rider, which was an excellent bluegrass show).

Music Awards Redux

Last night was scheduled to be a studio night, but Mike, HP and I decided to head down to the Garage Bar on West 25th Street instead. Our pal RayRay was hosting a little get-together to chill out and watch the video from the Free Times Music Awards, which were[…]

Today Special

Hey, happy leap day. I guess it is a special day. But that isn’t what this post is about.

We had a really enjoyable studio night last night. After what seemes like years of mixing and mastering, we’ve finally started to get back to the fun part: making new music.

We’ve got a storehouse of riffs that we’ve amassed over the years. Lots of the musical ideas have come from teensy little pieces of really long jams that we’ve recorded. Other ideas have dropped, fully-formed, out of our heads and hands. Generally that’s what we start with.

Turning the Gears

Just read a cool post at Punk Rock Your Life that really captures the current state of DD69 HQ.  Go ahead, check it out.  We’ll be here when you get back. Nice to see you again.  So that’s what we’re trying to do – get the gears turning again.  Sometimes[…]

By Design. Or Beer.

It took us a long time to come up with the packaging design for “Funk Out With Your Junk Out“.  Considering we worked on it for so long, it’s not surprising that we went through a number of concepts before only recently settling on the “beer-ish” final product. Initially we[…]

All agog, but is it right?

We’ve got some older recordings with drums laid down by an old friend who, sadly, has since passed away. He did a great job on the songs, and we want to keep his performances. Since they were recorded a number of years ago, though, they reflect the equipment and skills[…]