Slacker media

Tomorrow night @hellpellet and I are heading out for “Slacker Media Club”.  It’s a group of folks that have become acquainted via Twitter, and the name is a play on the usual “social media club” moniker.  In our past get-togethers we’ve realized that we’re not exactly coming together to do[…]

Modding KBilly’s amp

KBilly has a 25 watt Fender Frontman amp.  It’s a little combo that is great for practice, and has a surprisingly biting tone, especially when it’s cranked up.  We’ve recorded it on a few upcoming songs with great results.  KB also has a 4×12 speaker cabinet of unknown origin, which[…]

Does my Mojo make you horny baby?

With the new Pro Tools setup, I can finally use some cool virtual instruments.  Thank goodness, or some of these songs would never be finished. I got a virtual horn section called “Mojo” from Vir2 instruments (B&H Photo had the best price, by the way).  I finally had a chance[…]

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

New music gear arrived today.  It’s like it’s Christmas all over again.  I am beside myself. After 10 years of using Digidesign’s Digi 001 in conjunction with my custom built PC as the DAW of choice around here (and being stuck at Pro Tools version 6.4 for the last several[…]

Attack of the clone

Last year around this time I was given a cool gift for a music geek.  It was a “build your own clone” electronics kit from (yep, you guessed it) buildyourownclone.com.  Since I am currently spending time sitting around with my leg in the air, I thought I’d finally put it[…]

Technology is cool

At some point a few years ago, hellpellet and I went on a weekend trip. I wanted to take sone time on the getaway to work on some songs, so I brought the most stripped down setup I could: my Tascam 4-track, a Boss Dr. Rhythm drum machine, a crappy[…]

Give us a KISS, but keep your shirt on

On the heels of a comment from a previous entry I was reminded of my tenure in the KISS Army. At age 10. It was a heady time.  Songs like “Hotter Than Hell” and “Strutter” were redefining my ideas of lots of things.  Girls.  Music.  Rocking out.  Did I mention[…]

Logic makes me feel illogical

We’re talking about upgrading our recording setup here. Right now we run an old Pro Tools rig that’s treated us pretty well. I built a custom PC back in about 2003 and got a Digi 001. I did all the Windows tweaking and eventually got a pretty stable system. In[…]