Christmas Crash Soiree is still on – but no DD69

The Cleveland Independent is hosting its Christmas Crash Soiree tonight at Roc Bar on the east bank of the Flats here in Cleveland.  Unfortunately we had to bow out of the show as a result of my recent ankle injury.  We look forward to future opportunities to perform at events[…]

How do you play the gig when you can’t stand up?

Playing in DD69 is not a sit-down kind of experience unless you’re playing drums. Even then we could go the Jellyfish route and all stand up, but I know Charley would never… well stand for it, I guess (insert groan here). I digress. On Sunday, while moving an end table[…]

The Cleveland Independent Christmas Crash Soiree

We’re excited to play live on Saturday December 26th (after a loooong hiatus).  It sounds like the Cleveland Independent’s post-holiday party will be lots of fun. You can keep track of the event details here (via Facebook).   We’ll also post more information as we get it.  The basic info: The[…]

The gig-chicken or the rehearsal-egg?

Amazingly the ‘dude has done a couple rehearsals – for real rehearsals with all of us together playing all of our instruments and singing and stuff.  Shocking. Things are sounding good, and we’re having lots of fun playing, which is the important part.  To me it proves something I’ve believed[…]

Rehearsal night

We spent the bulk of last night’s studio night rehearsing together.  We really need to knock the rust off. Mike’s trying to remember all the parts he used to play.  Kenny is still learning bits and pieces of songs.  I’m trying to remember how to do the guitar foot pedal[…]


Studio night was good tonight.  We hadn’t convened for a few weeks because Mike and KB had colds, so it was good to catch up and refresh ourselves on current dd69 material. Most of last night was spent putting together a setlist and running through it. Yes, you read that[…]