Our fourth “baby” actually arrives

Despite the fact that we released our fourth record “Get Up” on 6/9, we didn’t actually have CDs at the time. As mentioned previously here, even though it is considered by many to be an archaic medium, we still like to get a small batch of CDs manufactured for each[…]

Feels like the first (old) time

As silly and anachronistic as it might be, we are excited because the box of CDs of our latest record “As Big As You Can Get It!” arrived today. There’s something about having a physical record or CD in our hands that makes things final for us. Given our past[…]

The title of our third record is…

We have reached our unanimous decision to call our upcoming release: As Big As You Can Get It The title is already widely being hailed as genius by many. Or at least some. Okay, maybe a few. We are just beside ourselves with glee to come up with the art[…]

Full-length song previews, lyrics, and more

We recently got turned on to Bandcamp.com (thanks Reddit).  We decided we wanted to centralize our music downloads there, so even though you can find our mp3s elsewhere online, Bandcamp is where we’ll be doing the most with our songs. Bandcamp lets you listen to the entire song – not[…]


Our frequent musical collaborator (and drummer extraordinaire) Jim sent us a shot of him sporting the DD69 colors at Jazzfest 2010. Right on, brother.

Mmm, Peppery

In asking for suggestions for potential merch that we could have on hand at shows, K-Billy suggested dd69 pepper spray.  He didn’t elaborate as to whether it would be for the band to use (you know, for a Bob’s Country Bunker kind of night) or if it would be for[…]