Not Music

Designing Wigs (part 3)

After coming up with some design concepts and doing some sketches and mock-ups, I started work on the final design. I wanted the design to look like an illustration, so I decided to use Adobe Illustrator. I often hand-draw elements, scan them, and import them into Illustrator. Once in Illustrator,[…]

Cool schwag from Memphis

Mike recently went down to the Memphis in May music festival, as he does most every year, and came back with fun stories, cool video and a couple nice things for us. I snagged a cool piece for the studio: a Sun Record Company sign. When I was in Memphis[…]

Drunkdudes have Moms, too

Hey Mom. We know you’re secretly reading the band blog to see how much we’re partying and what kind of evil rock and roll behavior we’re up to. And that’s okay (as long as you don’t send us to our room). In honor of Mother’s Day we will keep the[…]

Hog Hog Hog!

Happy Groundhog Day! As is usual, I will join a select few others on an exclusive pilgrimage to an undisclosed location to celebrate the holiday this weekend. It’s a chance to go underground, so to speak, and get off the map. There will be ukuleles involved.

An appropriate award

The Cleveland Marathon was well done.  The route took us through all the “hot spots” in and around downtown: Browns Stadium, the Q, Progressive Field, Tremont, Ohio City, the near west side, and across the shoreway back into downtown. I’m glad to have participated as a part of Team In[…]

A brief , non-musical diversion: the Cleveland Marathon

I’m looking forward to having a cocktail.  Tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be joining a whole boatload of other people to participate in the Cleveland Marathon tomorrow.  I’m walking the half-marathon to raise money for Team In Training.  This will be the fifth TNT event I’ve done to raise money to fight[…]