Studio night: surprise cover

Apparently I get a lot of mileage out of commuting. Yes, that’s a terrible pun and I’m just not sorry. With about two hours in the car every day I’ve got plenty of time to listen to all kinds of music. Songs we’re working on, new music from artists I’ve[…]

Song evolution 3: the demo edit

When we last left our developing song (in part 2: a rough edit) we had a rudimentary song structure, but we were missing some good stuff: transitions, a chorus, a bridge. Usually after listening to the initial idea for a while, one or more of us will come up with[…]

Tracking is officially done

With the help of KBilly (laying down some guitar parts and even a keyboard part!),tonight we finished all of the tracking for the upcoming record. I’d equate it to “pick-ups” for a movie: as we went through the editing and mixing process we realized that there were a handful of[…]

Studio Night 5/4/11

We had a pretty productive evening here on Wednesday night. We’re focusing on finishing the tracking for the songs we plan to release on our upcoming third album, and last night was all about bass. Mike recorded bass tracks for two songs last night: “The Next Minute” and “50 States[…]

Giving the vocals the “treatment”

As part of our May “finish the record” marathon, I’ve recorded lots of vocal tracks this weekend. I have one good condenser mic (an AKG C414 that I’ve had for about a dozen years) and I generally use that. I’ve used a Shure SM57 on occasion, but I don’t get[…]

Studio night: February 9, 2011

Mike, Beamer and I convened this evening to try to finish some of the remaining tracking for the upcoming third DD69 album. We focused on replacing the bass part for an old song called “Another (Funky) Day” that is a candidate for the record. We hadn’t reviewed the tracks for[…]

Make it longer, they said

It’s true, as well as entertaining. The folks at WKNR (ESPN Cleveland) have told us that the theme song for their drive-time sports talk show “Afternoon R & R” with Kenny Roda and Mike Reghi is crazy popular with the listeners. The theme song is an edit of “It’s Alive”,[…]