Hog Hog Hog!

Happy Groundhog Day! As is usual, I will join a select few others on an exclusive pilgrimage to an undisclosed location to celebrate the holiday this weekend. It’s a chance to go underground, so to speak, and get off the map. There will be ukuleles involved.

I am our biggest fan

drunkdude69 has a last.fm page at which you can listen to our tunes and see info about the band. I also have a last.fm user page where my personal taste in tunes is displayed via their “scrobbling” machinery. In updating some of our other online pages, I happened to notice[…]

Happy drinking holiday

I read somewhere that Cinco De Mayo is actually only celebrated in one state in Mexico (Puebla, the state in which the Mexican army bested French forces on the 5th of May in 1862).  Thanks goodness tequila companies have appropriated the holiday and sanctioned it for celebration by drunk dudes[…]

First Look: The KBollywood

KB and I enjoyed a Sunday studio session during which we rehearsed a little bit, then tracked some guitars for an upcoming song titled “No Time for Sleeping”.  The middle of the tune has a weird kind of break (which is a real shocker if you listen to DD69 with[…]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

While we’re not fans of coloring our idea juice, we still enjoy a chance to raise a glass on this holiday.  Coincidentally our shirts are the right color. Charley and I were at the Greenville Inn, Cleveland’s legendary “dive bar that rocks”, ready to play what has become an annual[…]

Give us a KISS, but keep your shirt on

On the heels of a comment from a previous entry I was reminded of my tenure in the KISS Army. At age 10. It was a heady time.  Songs like “Hotter Than Hell” and “Strutter” were redefining my ideas of lots of things.  Girls.  Music.  Rocking out.  Did I mention[…]


As we finish mixes and head toward making our second CD, we’re starting to brainstorm ideas for titles and art.  Remember, in brainstorming all ideas are accepted without initial criticism. Which brings us this. (Alternate titles: “Get In Line for Meat”, “Love at First Meat”) Thanks, Mike.