Studio Night

Los Mass

On our last studio night, KB and I spent the evening (and I mean the entire evening) getting two good guitar tracks for an upcoming song (currently called “What’s Mine Is Mine”). We wanted to get a good dose of feedback, and a nice crunchy tube sound for the tracks.[…]

Studio night: surprise cover [part 2]

So there we were, only a couple rounds of idea juice into the evening and suddenly ready to tool around with covering an old Tubes song. The rhythm track I set up was similar in tempo, but a lot more “drunkdude-like”, and Mike and K jumped onboard immediately. Within a[…]

Studio night: surprise cover

Apparently I get a lot of mileage out of commuting. Yes, that’s a terrible pun and I’m just not sorry. With about two hours in the car every day I’ve got plenty of time to listen to all kinds of music. Songs we’re working on, new music from artists I’ve[…]

Studio night: mix tweaking

We spent studio night listening through and finishing mixes for the upcoming record. With Beamer and KBilly adding some fresh ears, and Mike contributing some notes as well, we were able to knock out tweaks to about 90% of the material. I can’t stress how great it was to have[…]

Studio Night 5/4/11

We had a pretty productive evening here on Wednesday night. We’re focusing on finishing the tracking for the songs we plan to release on our upcoming third album, and last night was all about bass. Mike recorded bass tracks for two songs last night: “The Next Minute” and “50 States[…]

It wasn’t the same without him

We enjoyed a short but productive studio night last night, which you can read about here. We were, however, one man short. K-Billy had to travel down to Cincinnati for the evening. Despite not being able to make it, he apparently spent some of the evening visualizing that he was[…]

Studio night: February 9, 2011

Mike, Beamer and I convened this evening to try to finish some of the remaining tracking for the upcoming third DD69 album. We focused on replacing the bass part for an old song called “Another (Funky) Day” that is a candidate for the record. We hadn’t reviewed the tracks for[…]