Studio Night

Studio Night: 9.26.2010

We enjoyed another Sunday studio day, which started with watching the Browns game.  It was a drag to see the Ravens eventually beat the Browns (Ravens, grrrrrr), especially when Cleveland played really well during the majority of the game.  The DD69 Pittsburgh natives were glad to hear that the Steelers[…]


We had a great mastering session at Ante Up.  It was a kind of “first date” with Chris Keffer, who was the mastering engineer. Mike, K-Billy and I really enjoyed the session.  We were only working on a couple songs, so it didn’t last very long, but Chris was generous[…]

Studio night this week: mastering

We’re scheduled for a short mastering session at Ante Up studios in downtown Cleveland.  Their facility is top notch (we cut drum tracks there this past December), and we’re excited to return there. Mastering has always been a nebulous subject: what exactly are they doing with the songs? What happens[…]

Studio night reunion

We had an amazing studio night last night, due in part to some special guests.  Jeff Beam, who we’ve known for years, and who is an amazing bass player, joined us for part of the evening.  He brought along his muse Natalie as well, and we caught up for a[…]

On track

Amazingly we’re being super-productive as of late.  Despite the fact that Mike continues to forget studio night (even though most of northeast Ohio knows when it is), we’re forging ahead and finishing track after track (okay, to his credit, he did do a Sunday “make-up” studio to track some bass[…]

And we rehearse for the first time since December

We rehearsed last night for the first time since December.  All things considered it wasn’t too much of a train wreck. Overall it’s always challenging to tell how we’re doing since we’re in a basement and the sound is slopping all over the place.  Amps on top of amps, drums[…]

First Look: The KBollywood

KB and I enjoyed a Sunday studio session during which we rehearsed a little bit, then tracked some guitars for an upcoming song titled “No Time for Sleeping”.  The middle of the tune has a weird kind of break (which is a real shocker if you listen to DD69 with[…]

Nice rack

We had a solid studio night last night.  Mike and I convened to do some recording and to install the new Pro Tools 003 rig. Before we did anything hardware-related, we recorded one last track on the old Digi 001: the bass track for “Lose U Baby”.  It’s a fun[…]

Rehearsal night

We spent the bulk of last night’s studio night rehearsing together.  We really need to knock the rust off. Mike’s trying to remember all the parts he used to play.  Kenny is still learning bits and pieces of songs.  I’m trying to remember how to do the guitar foot pedal[…]