Studio Night


Studio night was good tonight.  We hadn’t convened for a few weeks because Mike and KB had colds, so it was good to catch up and refresh ourselves on current dd69 material. Most of last night was spent putting together a setlist and running through it. Yes, you read that[…]

Another Studio Season

Ahh, November: crisp fall air, piles of multicolored leaves, and the end of Daylight Saving Time. That can only mean one thing. It’s studio season again. As much as it’s depressing when the sun has set by 5:30 in the afternoon, the earlier evenings make it a whole lot easier[…]

F*cking Twitter

Yes, we have a Twitter account. It was supposed to be for “tweeting” relevant events about the band, but it has generally devolved into my occasional mentions of mundane and/or uninteresting stuff. Sorry. The dd69 Twitter account is protected, but if you’re interested in following some occasionally entertaining music and[…]

Sky Pieces

Mike was down at the Memphis in May music festival, and he returned bearing gifts – hats and glasses! Well, just hats, really.  They all smell like incense.  They could certainly smell worse.  They proved inspiring enough for us to come up with a handful of new riffs during the[…]

Presents for Studio Night

Rumor has it that Mike’s bringing presents back from last week’s trip to the Memphis In May music fest.  What could the ‘dudes be getting?  Harmonicas? Small replicas of Sun Studios? Autographed pics of Korn? We’re all clenched up with excitement!


Oh wow, too much slack around here.  There have still been studio nights every Thursday, and we’ve got a bunch of cool tunes in the hopper (our goal to get songs finished by February was an impressive success: 8 songs are ready for mastering), but updating our public face has[…]

One Man On Bass

In our continuing quest to not spend, oh, I don’t know, years working on the same material, I’ve suggested a goal that we will finish the recordings we’ve got in progress by the end of February.  Bad enough that we pull open a session file and see that the last[…]

Capturing Andy Summers

Wow, is it snowing here on the north coast. It’s definitely a good time of year to enjoy recording music indoors. KBilly and I convened last night to work on mixing some of the new songs, generally regrouping for the new year. We tweaked up a mix of “Keep It[…]

Studio Season

Seems like it’s gone rapidly from summer to what I like to refer to as “studio season”. During the spring and summer it always seems somehow wrong to spend hours inside working on music when it’s actually sunny and enjoyable outside. Here in Cleveland, that kind of pleasant-weather commodity is[…]