Supporting some killer funk

I just backed a Kickstarter project put together by Cincinnati artist Freekbass.  I’ve enjoyed his funky chops since the mid-90s when he played in a band called SHAG. Seeing them was a big ingredient in the creation of the DD69 musical flavor. There are a few days left on his[…]

Whoa dude!

Wow. It’s October already, and it feels like we stepped into a time machine and blazed form the beginning of the year to right now. Where did all that time go? It’s been an eventful year for all of us in DD69. We’ve had wonderful things happen along with some[…]

Happy New Year!

Wow, another year behind us. Time sure feels like it’s going by fast these days. We here at DD69 HQ are looking forward to another year of making music, and hopefully finding more folks to share it with. We’re planning to release our fourth studio album (currently untitled, although Mike[…]

The DD69 Facebook page

Since we had to cancel studio night tonight because Mike’s got a cold, I thought that I should do something productive. So I created a Facebook page for the band (insert sound of lonely party horn honking here). DD69 has had a fan page for some time, but with Bandcamp’s[…]

May mix mayhem

Mayday! We’re on the cusp of finishing our third record.  If we meet our self-imposed release date in June, we will have made two releases within 6 months of each other.  That pretty much makes us feel like this: As if trying to finish tracking, mixing and mastering (not to[…]

Happy Independence Day

The ‘dude would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July celebration!  Enjoy all the good stuff: picnics, fireworks, and perhaps some idea juice if you are so inclined.

Happy drinking holiday

I read somewhere that Cinco De Mayo is actually only celebrated in one state in Mexico (Puebla, the state in which the Mexican army bested French forces on the 5th of May in 1862).  Thanks goodness tequila companies have appropriated the holiday and sanctioned it for celebration by drunk dudes[…]


@hellpellet and I headed south on Friday, right into “snowmageddon”.  I love how the Weather Channel creates ‘branding’ for big storms like: “Megastorm!”*, “Winter Powerhouse!!”, “Ransack-the-Grocery-for-TP Storm!!!”*. We didn’t see much weather until we got onto some of the back roads leading to our secret destination.  It got a little[…]