Studio Night


@hellpellet and I headed south on Friday, right into “snowmageddon”.  I love how the Weather Channel creates ‘branding’ for big storms like: “Megastorm!”*, “Winter Powerhouse!!”, “Ransack-the-Grocery-for-TP Storm!!!”*.

We didn’t see much weather until we got onto some of the back roads leading to our secret destination.  It got a little dicey at that point – some spun out cars in our lane, the occasional fender-bender.  We made it to the location unscathed, but by then the snow was coming down pretty heavily.

We were in an area with no cell phone service, so that meant no Internet and no phone.  I like that.  My opinion as of late is that sometimes it’s good to disconnect from everything and focus.  In my case, I had some band-related things on my mind that were agitating me something fierce, and it was good to clear my head.

So if you were snowed in, or just watching the “Stormalicious Saturday!!!!”* coverage, I hope you had a chance to pause, reflect, and come out with some new perspective.

*I made these up.  Think the Weather Channel could use a creative consultant?