Studio Night

F*cking Twitter

Yes, we have a Twitter account. It was supposed to be for “tweeting” relevant events about the band, but it has generally devolved into my occasional mentions of mundane and/or uninteresting stuff. Sorry.

The dd69 Twitter account is protected, but if you’re interested in following some occasionally entertaining music and or commentary, please feel free to request the hookup. I only made it private because of the kooky amount of spamulous followers that were creeping out of the Inner Nets woodwork.

Today I mentioned on Twitter that we (the dd69 collective) would be finishing a song tonight and posting the results. Studio night officially ended about 90 minutes ago, but I spent the last hour and a half busting out some remaining lyrics, recording something usable and bouncing/posting the result. I felt compelled because I, you know, tweeted that I would.

If you’re here and you’re listening, thanks. It’s raw, but we’re digging it. We’ll polish this, ahem, song up and try to make it shine with real drums and some vocals recorded normally (i.e. not in the middle of the night trying to be quiet and scowling every time the f*cking A/C or clothes washer kicks in).

Anyhow, here’s the latest drunkdude funk, courtesy of Mikey, K-Billy and me:

U Got To Funk It (in progress)

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