Studio Night

Feels like the first (old) time

As big as it's gonna get

As silly and anachronistic as it might be, we are excited because the box of CDs of our latest record “As Big As You Can Get It!” arrived today.

There’s something about having a physical record or CD in our hands that makes things final for us.

Given our past track record we could probably spend another 10 years tweaking mixes and adding and subtracting parts from the latest batch of songs. It’s turned out that if we decide to invest in making some CDs it solidifies the fact that we are done with those songs and can move on to new material.

This may seem nonsensical to creative types that aren’t anal-retentive. It may be silly considering that an increasing number of people either buy MP3s to begin with or rip their albums and CDs to MP3 formats.

For our endlessly revisionist mindset, though, it’s turned into the physical representation of a cork popping out of a champagne bottle. That’s an analogy that’s not lost on a group of guys calling their band drunkdude69.