Studio Night

Hammond tracking redux

I wrote a couple entries about my last experience recording my Hammond organ.  It was a little complicated due to some missing equipment and the fact that I was experimenting with the setup.

A few days ago I decided to record some more tracks.  This time I changed things up a little bit, but overall it was a far easier recording experience.

Once again I used my Tranzport remote control to control the Pro Tool rig downstairs.  I was able to use my in-ear monitors to listen to playback.  This time around I actually had all the pieces parts, so I was able to leave the transmitter downstairs and just wear the belt-clip receiver and earbuds.

I also chose to do a different mic setup on the Leslie this time.  I used a Shure SM-57 pointed at the top louvers on the cabinet.  It was much easier than using the big condenser microphone I used last time.  I also didn’t have to take the Leslie cover off, and I didn’t need to cover the mic with a blanket to damp out some room noise.

I also was able to start off with a decent baseline setting on the preamp.  I had to make some adjustments since it is a completely different mic, but I wasn’t starting from scratch.

Overall it was a much better experience, and I actually like the dynamic microphone sound much better.  It’s “tighter” and more direct.