Studio Night

How do you play the gig when you can’t stand up?

Playing in DD69 is not a sit-down kind of experience unless you’re playing drums. Even then we could go the Jellyfish route and all stand up, but I know Charley would never… well stand for it, I guess (insert groan here).

I digress. On Sunday, while moving an end table downstairs for a friend, I missed a step and sprained my ankle in spectacular, foot-at-right-angle-to-leg fashion. Apparently I screamed like an animal for a while. Too bad we didn’t get those gems on tape.

Good news: no broken bones. Bad news: I can’t walk without crutches for a while. Hopefully that’s a matter of days versus weeks.

So DD69 has finally booked a show after several years of being studio-bound, and here I am all gimpy. I figure I have a few options:

1. Get lucky. Maybe I’ll be healed up enough in a week and a half that I can stand up and hit pedals without too much trouble.

2. Get medicated. Painkillers may give me an, um, unexpected perspective of my instrument. Not my favorite option.

3. Get a chair. As much as I don’t like the thought of siting while playing a ‘dude gig, I think this might be the best choice. So much for my desire to look more rocking than, say Robert Fripp.

4. Get out. I’m hoping that ten days or so will be enough to let me get at least basically functional again. This Saturday’s Skinny Moo gig will probably need to be cancelled, but I hope another week of mending will keep me from having to cancel a show that we’ve wanted to play for a couple years.

This should be interesting.