Studio Night

Idea Juice? WTF?

juiced.jpgIt’s mentioned on our album cover, and we occasionally refer to it in passing elsewhere. What is this “idea jiuce”? Well, it’s got a long and storied history.

Archaeologists, presumably including Indiana Jones, have unearthed artifacts that indicate idea juice was prevalent as early as the 6th century BCE (before convenient economies). The Egyptians and Mesopotamians were alleged to use idea juice to inspire such marvels as the pyramids and astronomy.

It’s no wonder that idea juice has been attributed to many of the wonders and pitfalls of the 20th century: Prohibition (and it’s embarassed repeal), the invention of color TV and its associated remote control, and of course the Nixon presidency.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that here in the new millenium, drunkdude69 is exploiting the idea juice boom for their own greedy musical purposes. How else could we conjure up the musical whiplash we deliver? It’s become a standard contract rider that we have idea juice supplies at all sessions and shows. At least enough to get our otherwise dessicated brains rehydrated for general usefulness.

In short, appreciate your idea juice, whatever it is. If it makes you create something that wasn’t there before, embrace it. If it makes you feel ill the day after, well, just don’t hug it as tightly.