Studio Night

It’s, like, heavy

Since we’re on a little bit of a hiatus here, what with personal obligations of a few of the guys, I’ve taken to exploring ways to work on things that we :

(a) have in the pipeline in some sort of state of completion
(b) want to resurrect from the vast, echoing archive that is our recording history, or
(c) can remix and/or license

I ran across an opportunity to work on a (c) style bit of music based on an existing track we recorded for the Get Up album: “Lose U Baby”.

In this case, the folks looking for some music were interested in a song that had a vibe similar to The Heavy. I wasn’t familiar with them, but I have to say I’m grateful that I discovered them – very cool stuff. Upon listening to their referenced song “How You Like Me Now”, I immediately thought of “Lose U Baby”.

We had really gone for the James-Brown-era funk feel on that tune, combined with our usual heavier guitars. Since I needed to do an instrumental remix, I decided to make a few edits to keep it tight, add some excitement, and fill in for spots that seemed empty without vocals.

I have to say that I almost like the new cut better than the original mix.  The Hammond is very cool, and the way that some of the edits worked really seemed to tighten up the song structure a bit. I also like the “less is more” approach to the instrumental: I eliminated a number of parts that seemed to clutter up the mix. With the vocals the clutter didn’t really seem to be a big deal (apparently), but once they were out of the mix things seemed to need cleaning up.

Here are the versions. Let me know what you think!

Original version from our 2012 Album “Get Up”:

Instrumental edit: