Studio Night

Logic makes me feel illogical

We’re talking about upgrading our recording setup here. Right now we run an old Pro Tools rig that’s treated us pretty well. I built a custom PC back in about 2003 and got a Digi 001. I did all the Windows tweaking and eventually got a pretty stable system. In fact, the only reason I’ve been pushing for an upgrade is that we’re currently stuck at PT version 6.4.

I’ve got a copy of Logic Express on my Mac, and having started it up once, I have to say I felt like an imbecile. Despite the fact that I can jump around PT comping tracks and managing regions and playlists and slaving MIDI to MTC blah blah, I couldn’t seem to figure out the first thing in Logic.

KBilly has been gracious enough to show me a few things to get me started. What I saw is pretty impressive for how affordable Logic is. Jeez, the amount of virtual instruments and samplers and amp models are unbelievable.

I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to stick with PT because it’s become an industry standard, and I won’t have a learning curve. However I’m definitely intrigued by Logic, so I intend to give it a little more exploration.