Studio Night

Make it longer, they said

It’s true, as well as entertaining.

The folks at WKNR (ESPN Cleveland) have told us that the theme song for their drive-time sports talk show “Afternoon R & R” with Kenny Roda and Mike Reghi is crazy popular with the listeners. The theme song is an edit of “It’s Alive”, which is from our current record “Wigs & Liquor“, with different lyrics and vocals contributed by Jay Goodman of Skinny Moo.

It makes us feel good that people are digging the song – probably no better feeling.  Except when people ask you for moar.

We’ve been asked to make an extended version of the theme, with lyrics contributed by Kenny Roda himself. After some schedule-jockeying, I was able to extend the edit of the tune and Jay was finally able to come in and put down vocals (he is pictured above singing in some kind of soulful fashion – allegedly).

I’m looking forward to putting the final mix of the longer version together. Hopefully people will find DD69 music as a result, and get into some of our other tunes. That would probably make us feel best of all.