Studio Night

Marshall = Want

I’ve been fortunate that my friend “The Deuce” has lent me his Marshall JCM800 amp and cabinet while he’s off camping for a few days.

Maybe fortunate isn’t the right word, because now I really want one of these.

I’ve cut several guitar tracks thus far, and it’s been fun.  For some tracks I wanted some feedback so I played the part kneeling in front of the amp.  It felt like church.  Well, a church where there is a wall of roaring guitar in your face at jet engine volume.

I restrung the SG and used it for some of the parts.  The combination of that guitar and the amp create this amazing “biting” guitar sound, and the tracks really have more presence than tracks I’ve recorded using other amps.

The thing is, I haven’t been able to turn it up past volume = 1.  I can’t even imagine what it would sound like at higher volume levels because it’s deafening at 1.  Now that, my friends, is rock and roll.