Studio Night

Mix mania continues

"We are naught but mix monkeys" - Wm. Shakespeare, or something

We’re in the thick of mix tweakage this week, with the goal of having all the songs for this current record finished and ready to go to the mastering guru on (lucky) Friday. So far we’ve nailed down six of the tunes, with a seventh almost done.

Sometimes mixing like this winds up just making your head tired, and after a few hours everything sounds the same to your ears. You can start making bizarre decisions (let’s turn the drum mix way down and jack up the guitars about 5 dB) because you are fatigued.

So for right now, the seventh song is going to have to sit overnight. We were hoping to have all of the mixes prepped for studio night tomorrow, but if it doesn’t quite happen, we’ll just have to forge ahead one way or another.