Studio Night

Mixy Mixy

Studio night last night was productive. In fact, the last couple times we’ve gotten together have been great as far as mixing is concerned. Three weeks ago we convened and started mixing a song for the new record. The song, “Keep It Up”, is a drastically retooled version of a pretty old song that never really saw the light of day. Hence the retooling, I guess.

Hippie FootIn what was an amazing display of productivity, K-Billy, Mike and I managed to get most of the mix together in one night. Considering that it took us about eight years to finish our last project, that’s a pretty impressive feat IMHO. We took a week off from studio night while Mike trekked down to the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis (as you can see from the photo, studio night is a cleaner environment than your typical music fest).

That worked out well because we got to let the first stab at the song’s mix sit for a week. We listened to it after a few days, and made a few notes. A couple days later we did the same thing and made some more notes. By the time last night rolled around, we had a good idea of what we wanted to clean up, move, add, or get rid of. It made the whole process go pretty quickly.

We had hoped to get started on mixing one of the other tunes, but we had to call it an early night because of some Friday morning plans. With any luck we’ll pick up with another mix next week and keep the ball rolling. It’s a strange feeling – productive after all this time – but a good one.