Studio Night

Mmm, Peppery


In asking for suggestions for potential merch that we could have on hand at shows, K-Billy suggested dd69 pepper spray.  He didn’t elaborate as to whether it would be for the band to use (you know, for a Bob’s Country Bunker kind of night) or if it would be for people to buy so they could escape the east bank.

I think we’ll keep working on more merch ideas.  Thanks KB for your “outside the box” thinking!

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  1. Conflicted.
    I did mean for sale to the brave souls who would risk coming to the East Bank on a Saturday night. But I also have a more immediate self-preservation instinct. I say we sell the last four at a premium.
    Watch: the people who buy the last four, knowing that we’ve squandered our security for a quick buck, will mug us. Of course, Mike’s little friend might have something to say about that…