Studio Night

My Funky Valentine

In December 1999 I met @hellpellet, the flaming pill that would change my life.

A little more than a year later, in early 2001, my grandmother passed away, devastating me.  A month after that I (along with about 101 other people) was laid off from my job.

I moved in with hellpellet across town and spent a while with my head deep in the sand.  Then there was 9/11, and everything seemed to be out of control everywhere.

At about that time I wrote this song based on a riff that Mike and I had come up with earlier.  It’s about being able to get through the day because hellpellet and I have each other for support when things get rough.  It’s become an anthem for me, but it’s also a gift for her and anyone else who is just keeping their head above water.

Special thanks to Coach Hanna for delivering the drums that made the song come alive.


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