Studio Night

Next Big Thing (demo)

Hellpellet and I had an awesome experience at Podcamp Pittsburgh this past October.  Unknowingly, as I enjoyed various discussions and made some new friends, I was filing away some songwriting inspiration about the nature of online notoriety.

The (interim) end result is “Next Big Thing”. It wound up being a ska-flavored tune that brings up flash-in-the-pan celebrity both online and on television.

Ironically I have to thank Tom Smith for the kick in the ass to finish the tune.  In mid-December I helped him make a quick video, and he wondered if lots of people would check it out.  I told him I was working on a song about that kind of “social media” kind of stuff, and after I wound up sofa-bound I finished most of the tune because it was suddenly on my mind.

I still need to write lyrics for the bridge, and we have to track all the instruments for reals tho (it’s all ACID loops and Fantom horns except for the vocals and guitars), but I’m excited about busting out a new tune.


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