Studio Night

On track

Amazingly we’re being super-productive as of late.  Despite the fact that Mike continues to forget studio night (even though most of northeast Ohio knows when it is), we’re forging ahead and finishing track after track (okay, to his credit, he did do a Sunday “make-up” studio to track some bass today).

The 11 songs we chose to focus on at the beginning of the year are in the final mixing stages, or mixed.  We’re scheduled to return to Ante Up studios in July to start mastering a couple.  We’ve also been steamrolling through getting tracks laid down for another ten or so songs that have been sitting around for a while.

At this rate we’ll have cleared the pipeline by the end of 2010 (!), and hopefully we can focus on some newer compositions that are already written, as well as getting back to some jamming and idea generation.

Oh yeah, and hopefully some people out there like what we’ve come up with…