Studio Night

One Man On Bass

In our continuing quest to not spend, oh, I don’t know, years working on the same material, I’ve suggested a goal that we will finish the recordings we’ve got in progress by the end of February.  Bad enough that we pull open a session file and see that the last time we touched it was a year ago at this time, but we’ve got new stuff that’s juicy and kind of ignored while we try to tweak out other songs.

Mike stroking itOf course tonight Mike and I re-recorded a bass track for a song we started recording a number of years ago – the idea was to mix the song, but we realized as we pulled up the old tracks that the original bass track was all clipped. *Sigh*

The trouble with working on old sessions is that you realize that you had crappy equipment and didn’t know what you were doing several years ago.  Unfortunately this seems to be a sliding scale, so what we think we know all about today will be revealed as goofy ignorance when we look at it in a few years… but I digress.

It was worth the time we spent to put another bass track down.  The track has so much more body and presence than the original, and Mike remembered the parts with the tiniest of reminders.  Yay us.

So the current fantasy is to finish the mix of this song and another old track by the end of next Thursday’s studio night.  We have to get this stuff out of the way.  There’s some crazy James-Brown-sounding stuff that we want to work on…