Studio Night

Porch Rock

Okay, it wasn’t really “rock” per se, but it happened on the porch.

For the holiday weekend we’ve got the pleasure of a visit from Momo all the way from Pasadena.  A little background: before we were drunkdudes, we were in a band called Foonspeeders during the mid-to-late ’90s.  We played a whole bunch of shows for a few years, and we released one record in 1998 that was a great snapshot of where we were at the time.

Shortly after we released the record, Momo moved out to Los Angeles to study guitar, play beach volleybal, and generally live the life.  Once or twice a year we get together and make some music when he comes into town.

Last night we decided to enjoy the weather on the incomparable Snoozeking porch.  Mo had brought his Zoom flash recorder, so while Mike played bass through a Pignose amp, I played 12-string acoustic and Mo played  an awesome 6-string from Gruhn Guitars in NashVegas, we recorded our jamming around.

It came complete with rain, thunder and the sound of cars driving by on the street.  It was super cool. It captured a great vibe, outside in the dark with acoustic guitars and bad weather and some long time friends doing what they love.

It doesn’t get much better, does it?  Here’s a little mp3 snippet so you can get the vibe…