Studio Night


Oh wow, too much slack around here.  There have still been studio nights every Thursday, and we’ve got a bunch of cool tunes in the hopper (our goal to get songs finished by February was an impressive success: 8 songs are ready for mastering), but updating our public face has been… well, nonexistent.  And sharing any of the fruits of our labor just hasn’t happened yet.

We’re busting at the seams to share some of this music with  people that might dig it.  We at dd69 headquarters write music that gets us off – it incorporates lots of the things we dig, and we labor over every song.  Extensively.  Too much, probably.  I think we spend so much time obsessing over details that we sometimes lose touch with the idea of keeping thing fresh around here.

So, we’re going to try an experiment.  At the risk of alienating people with what initially sounds like a craptastic song, we’re going to try following an idea from inception to final song.  It might take a while, but we’ll post the first jam through various demos up until the final album version.

Just so happens that the song we have in mind is rooted in the jam mentioned in the last posting (yes, from January).

Stay tuned.