Studio Night

Studio Night 5/4/11

(1) air guitar and (1) actual guitar

We had a pretty productive evening here on Wednesday night. We’re focusing on finishing the tracking for the songs we plan to release on our upcoming third album, and last night was all about bass.

Mike recorded bass tracks for two songs last night: “The Next Minute” and “50 States of Confusion”. We’ve been getting really great bass sounds using his custom built 5-string bass running through Universal Audio’s LA-610 preamp. We use some light compression to smooth things out, but not enough to squash the sound. We can do that later during mixing if we want to for whatever reason.

With all of the major tracks done, we’re left with a few leads, some vocal tweaks, and other “textural” tracks to record. It’s coming together, piece by piece.

Stay tuned for more!