Studio Night

Studio night: February 9, 2011

bass tracking
It's bass-tastic

Mike, Beamer and I convened this evening to try to finish some of the remaining tracking for the upcoming third DD69 album. We focused on replacing the bass part for an old song called “Another (Funky) Day” that is a candidate for the record.

We hadn’t reviewed the tracks for this song in a while, mainly because we had almost forgotten about it. But in transferring files and such from old hard drives, we rediscovered it and decided we really wanted to finish it.

Cool. Just a couple minor clean-ups and… oh crap. The bass part as recorded was out of control distorted, and not on purpose. Trying to get that track to fit with the other guitars, drum tracks and vocals was just about impossible. Man, we must have had way too much idea juice when we put that track down.

So we tackled the part. It’s been about ten years since we started on this tune (it was one of the batch of tunes that was supposed to go on “Funk Out With Your Junk Out“), so Mike had to knock the rust off. But after a few takes we got a great sounding track.

Now it’s down to some cleaning up and mixing. Onward!