Studio Night

Studio night reunion

We had an amazing studio night last night, due in part to some special guests.  Jeff Beam, who we’ve known for years, and who is an amazing bass player, joined us for part of the evening.  He brought along his muse Natalie as well, and we caught up for a bit before we settled into making some music.

The jamming was extra special because K Billy and Jeff played in a Cleveland band in the ’90s called Qynne’s Horse.  This marked the first time that they were writing together in years!

It was a blast.  Prior to Jeff’s arrival Mike, KB and I had written a bridge for an upcoming song called “Today Special”.  We were pretty happy with our efforts, but after Jeff showed up we gave the whole thing another shot and came up with what could be an even better idea.

The idea juice was working last night, I’ll tell you!

BTW, if you’re in Cleveland you can catch Jeff playing out with Calabash, the GeezeCats, Alan Greene and more.  And he’ll be playing in the Mike Farley Band reuinion show at Brother’s Lounge on Sunday July 25.