Studio Night

Studio night: surprise cover [part 2]

So there we were, only a couple rounds of idea juice into the evening and suddenly ready to tool around with covering an old Tubes song. The rhythm track I set up was similar in tempo, but a lot more “drunkdude-like”, and Mike and K jumped onboard immediately.

Within a few takes we had some cool rhythmic ideas. I wound up muting my demo tracks – the keyboard bass was just annoying, and my guitar track was just getting in the way of some of the new ideas, not to mention out of tune. We wound up spending the evening running through the song and getting a general structure together.

Overall I’m pretty excited. I can tell I like the idea because I’ve been listening to it repeatedly, tweaking ideas for melody and other parts. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it dialed in a little bit for some drum tracking in December. I think it would make an interesting addition to the next record.