Studio Night

Studio Season

Lair of the Snooze King

Seems like it’s gone rapidly from summer to what I like to refer to as “studio season”. During the spring and summer it always seems somehow wrong to spend hours inside working on music when it’s actually sunny and enjoyable outside. Here in Cleveland, that kind of pleasant-weather commodity is not to be wasted.

However, after daylight saving time ends and the season has taken its annual whiplash-inducing trip through fall to winter (do not pass GO, do not collect $200), things feel a little different. When it gets dark before 5:00 PM it’s a whole lot easier to feel all right about being in the confines of studioland, where it’s always lit by tracklight/lava lamp/disco ball and the tunes go all night long. Admittedly, it’s often the same 12 bars of the tune going all night long, but still.

Of course lots of productivity is lost around the holidays – traveling, folks in from out of town, and general holiday preparations screw up our collective schedule fantastically. I don’t think we’ve convened fully for at least a month.

In the meantime I’m working on little edits to the tracks, and hammering out the occasional mix to submit through Taxi. With any luck we’ll all manage to get together this week and finish… something.