Lovely weather we’re having

We’ve all been busy with vacations (Nashville, the Carolinas, Punderson), so it’s been several weeks since we have been able to convene for some music making and general gnashing of teeth. I think we’re all pretty revved up to get back to work on our newest batch of music. Until[…]

“As Big As You Can Get It!” is online

We’re releasing our third record, “As Big As You Can Get It!” online today. You know, because it’s 6/9. We’re boldly stepping into the 21st century: Listen to full-length previews at music.drunkdude69.com Name your own price for downloads if you like the music and want to contribute to our efforts[…]

69: BJ

Captured this one a long time ago, but had to resurrect it. I was playing a gig in Akron, adjacent to the Akron Beacon-Journal building. As you can see, on top of the building is a rotating tower with the temperature on two sides and “BJ” on two sides. Who[…]

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Too bad we blew all our money getting the new drunkdude69 record manufactured. Thanks to Tom for the pic!

Your order is ready

Let’s start the month off right with a 69.  This one came to us in a different form a while ago, but has come back again to remind us that you can never completely escape your past. Thanks to our friend and frequent collaborator Jeff Beam for the reminder…