As Big As You Can Get It

Feels like the first (old) time

As silly and anachronistic as it might be, we are excited because the box of CDs of our latest record “As Big As You Can Get It!” arrived today. There’s something about having a physical record or CD in our hands that makes things final for us. Given our past[…]

“As Big As You Can Get It!” is online

We’re releasing our third record, “As Big As You Can Get It!” online today. You know, because it’s 6/9. We’re boldly stepping into the 21st century: Listen to full-length previews at music.drunkdude69.com Name your own price for downloads if you like the music and want to contribute to our efforts[…]

June happenings

Ahh, it finally stopped raining here in Cleveland. It was getting just about biblical with the precipitation, but we finally seem to be getting some summer sun. With that bright and cheery fact in mind, we are thrilled to release our third album “As Big As You Can Get It!”[…]

Song evolution 3: the demo edit

When we last left our developing song (in part 2: a rough edit) we had a rudimentary song structure, but we were missing some good stuff: transitions, a chorus, a bridge. Usually after listening to the initial idea for a while, one or more of us will come up with[…]

Saturday 69: Uncork the bubbly

After some cleanup and formatting, the final mixes fo As Big As You Can Get It have been sent off to the mysterious process of mastering! We will now crack open the light and bubbly idea juice that many people refer to as “sparkling wine”.

Tracking is officially done

With the help of KBilly (laying down some guitar parts and even a keyboard part!),tonight we finished all of the tracking for the upcoming record. I’d equate it to “pick-ups” for a movie: as we went through the editing and mixing process we realized that there were a handful of[…]

Mix mania continues

We’re in the thick of mix tweakage this week, with the goal of having all the songs for this current record finished and ready to go to the mastering guru on (lucky) Friday. So far we’ve nailed down six of the tunes, with a seventh almost done. Sometimes mixing like this[…]

Song evolution (part 1: a jam)

We labor over the songs we write. Music, lyrics, tempo, sounds… we’re always trying to get it to sound in our ears the way we hear it in our heads. Sometimes that takes a while. Okay, most of the time it takes a while. But we’re usually pretty pleased with[…]